Greg McCarvell
Real Estate Broker

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About Greg McCarvell

Providing real estate service clients can trust since 2005. Greg is well-versed in all facets of real estate.

  • Residential
  • Luxury and Estate Properties
  • Multi-Family and Commercial
  • Farm and Acreage

With a diverse background in business, Greg will provide you advice and strategies to ensure your transaction has the best terms, the fewest problems and protects your interests.

Residential Real Estate FAQs

Real estate questions have nuanced answers. No one situation is exactly the same. Below are some general guidelines, contact me to discuss specifics.

Should I buy or sell first?
The strong sellers market in London and area for several years has many people thinking "buy first" by default. Without exception, this question needs to be addressed carefully by a qualified professional such as a Realtor.
Is there a best time of year to sell my home?
In my experience, the best time to sell is generally determined by your goals and life circumstances. Each season has different chracteristics. Understanding what to expect at different times of year is key.
How much is commission and how does it work?
Commission arrangements can differ in rate and structure. The landscape is competitive with many options. A percentage of sale price is common. Commission is subject to HST.
Are home prices going to continue to climb?
The rate of price increases has been very rapid over the past few years in the London area historically speaking. No one can predict the future, but real estate has a solid track record as a reliable long term investment.